For over 25 years stories have been told of people listening to Christian radio. Many never write to the program, but one day a
missionary or local believer, by divine appointment, talked to them and found responsive hearts - the impact of Christian media.

Muslims say, "The New Testament has been changed;" "The Trinity is God the Father, Mary the Mother and Jesus the Son;" and "Jesus never died on the cross." These kind of things are taught in schools to almost all Muslim children. Muslims have been taught to believe lies about what Christians teach and what the Bible says about Jesus. For years radio and, in more recent years, satellite television have helped Muslims understand the truth about Jesus.

Most radio and television programs are pre-evangelistic in nature. Media ministries can openly address common misunderstandings and teach the truth about the Bible. One hope is when Muslims listen to these programs they will want to write to the program to learn more about Jesus. It is through the correspondence with the stations that people grow deeper in their knowledge of the truth.

The security risks for these seekers and follow-up workers are extremely high. Each side needs to trust that they will not be turned over to the authorities. For people to grow deeper in their faith they need to have a Bible, meet other believers and be discipled. Doing any of these is a risk.

Technology is opening up the Arabian Peninsula like never before. Young people are surfing the Web. Of course many are going to sites that are sinful, but they are also able go to Arabic sites designed to communicate the truth about Jesus to Muslims. What new technologies are yet to be developed or already exist that will allow Arabs to hear the truth and grow in the knowledge of the Lord?


Monday - Pray for "seekers" who are afraid to correspond with media ministries. Pray that they would not only hear about Jesus, but that they would accept Him into their hearts.

Tuesday - Pray that God inspires creative satellite programming that helps Muslims come to know Christ. Pray also that Muslims in the AP will point their satellite dishes at those satellites that have Christian programs.

Wednesday - Pray that follow-up workers are able to meet with seekers and believers. Pray that both sides would not live in fear but be led by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thursday - Pray for the radio broadcasts. Pray that many would listen, understand the truth of Jesus and come into His Kingdom.

Friday - Pray for creative ways to get Bibles, Christian literature and other materials into the hands of Muslims in the AP.

Saturday - Pray that Muslims would learn about Jesus from Arabic Internet sites that are designed especially for them to hear the truth. 

Sunday - Pray that Christians would use the new technologies being developed for the building of God's Kingdom in the AP.