Capital: Kuwait City               Population: 1,950,000             Religion: Islam
Muslim Background Believers: A few scattered believers

Before the time of Alexander the Great, the location of Kuwait made this area an important trade link between what is now Iraq and the rest of the Arabian Peninsula. The tribes were able to sustain themselves through fishing, pearling and trading. The inhospitable nature of the desert prevented any significant development of the land itself.

Kuwait developed a consensus style government that has evolved into what is called a diwaniyah - a gathering of men from the community who discuss issues and make decisions. Kuwait did not achieve complete independence until 1962. Today, the Emirate of Kuwait functions as a constitutional monarchy with power vested in the Amir and a parliament.

In the 1940's, oil was discovered under Kuwait and with it came economic prosperity and rapid growth. Kuwaiti citizens enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world. Along with affluence has come a rapid increase in the population, both of expatriate workers as well as Kuwaiti citizens.

Presently, over 50 different (non-Kuwaiti) Protestant congregations and language groups meet weekly for worship. There is substantial freedom to worship, and there is little direct persecution of God's people. Most of the believers are from the expatriate community although there are a number of true Kuwaiti believers among the approximately 200 Kuwaitis who are from a Christian heritage.


Monday - Pray that God will reach the locals. Pray that national Christian leaders would be raised up to lead the church.

Tuesday - Pray that God will reach leaders (government, business, family and tribal) who will open great doors of ministry in this land.

Wednesday - Many Kuwaitis travel to other countries as tourists, businessmen and students. Pray that they will meet Christians who will speak boldly of their Savior.

Thursday - Pray for the few Kuwaiti believers to stand strong in their faith and share boldly with their family and friends.

Friday - Pray that many expatriate believers will catch a vision for reaching their Muslim colleagues and neighbors and for wisdom in communicating the Gospel.

Saturday - Christian Internet, radio, satellite television and videos can communicate the Gospel within Kuwait. Pray for Kuwaitis to respond to the Gospel message.

Sunday - Pray for unity among God's people with an eagerness to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the people. Pray that this unity would be present among the leaders as well as the people.