There is a great need for creative ministries to meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of children and youth in the Arabian Peninsula. The average mother has five to seven children, and men often have more than one wife. However, nannies and maids do most of the nurturing in early years. Though many children and youth enjoy a financially luxurious life they rarely enjoy a close family relationship.

There are many challenges to reaching Muslim children with God's love in Christ. Access to Muslim children is open, especially to Christian nannies, hospital workers and educators. Many children with disabilities or long illnesses are rarely seen outside their homes and would benefit greatly from more care in the home. New approaches need to be used to specifically reach out to Muslim children.

Youth from the Arabian Peninsula can be divided into two distinct categories. Youth from wealthy homes in the cities mostly hang around together in groups. Stylish cars, making secret boy-to-girl friendships, playing sports, watching movies and chatting over the Internet are part of their lives. Youth from poorer backgrounds are much more reserved, passionate about neighborhood soccer games, are quite friendly and less mobile. Families and the local governments have been encouraging young people to get college degrees by offering free schooling, pocket money and a promise of good jobs after graduation.

Many of the children and youth have been exposed to other cultures and faiths through travel, television, movies and/or the Internet. Yet they are raised to stand boldly against any belief besides Islam, even though most of them are not religious.


Monday - Pray that Muslim children would have opportunities to hear about the love of Jesus Christ for them. Pray for the development of more Bible-based children resources tailor made for Muslim children.

Tuesday - Pray for Christian families that they would be strong, would model the love of God for children and youth and would exemplify the value of godly parenting.

Wednesday - Pray for the many Christian nannies (mainly Filipino, Indian and African). Pray for them as they share Christ with mothers and children in word and deed.

Thursday -  Pray for Muslim children who may be denied access to adequate education and healthcare and do not receive any spiritual nurture from God Word.

Friday - Pray for the growth of ministry among sick, disabled and special needs children/youth. Pray for Christians gifted in this work to move to the Arabian Peninsula.

Saturday - Youth ministries are increasing among the expatriate Christian communities. Pray that their growth would spill over into outreach to the local youth.

Sunday -  Pray for the youth as they explore new things (dating, the Internet, travel, etc.) that they would turn from sin and look to the only one that gives true life, Jesus.