More than 5 million foreign residents (expatriates) have moved to the Arabian Peninsula to work in the expanding economies of these countries. The largest of these communities are Indians, Filipinos, Pakistanis, Arabs, Afghanis, Iranians and smaller numbers of Africans and Westerners. Among this mix of nationalities, God has divinely placed many Christian believers. Approximately 6% of them are born again believers. Many churches have started in the last decade to accommodate these believers as the local governments, officially or unofficially, allow these churches to meet. Never before have so many Christians lived alongside the local Arab peoples. Public witness about Jesus is illegal, but private opportunities to share one faith are available through work or neighborhood relationships.

The church among the local people in each country is nonexistent or very small and underground. However, God is working in the lives of the local Muslim people. Those that become followers of Christ must keep their faith a secret to remain within their family and Muslim community. Those who are able to stay within these communities hold the greatest potential for the establishing of indigenous churches. These families and individuals need our prayers as they experience challenges in standing firm in their faith and as they seek for ways to be a witness for Christ to their families, friends and co-workers.

A growing number of Arab believers from outside the Arabian Peninsula are moving into the region to work in various professions. Their witness for Christ is growing bolder, and through their Arab culture and language they are able to answer the difficult questions on faith for spiritual seekers. Our prayers for these modern day Apostles will help them as they partner with other expatriate believers to establish the Church among local Arabs.


Monday - Pray for expatriate believers to be bold in sharing the Gospel with local Arab coworkers and friends. Pray that they would use every opportunity to share Christ.

Tuesday - Pray that God would bring unity and partnership in ministry to the many Christian churches and groups, which would bring healing and restoration to churches, families and marriages harmed by discord, strife and immorality.

Wednesday - Pray for the continued growth of a mission vision among the expatriate Arab Christian churches. Pray that they will fulfill the Great Commission among Arab Muslims.

Thursday - The number of believers is growing among the local Arabs. Pray for those gifted in pastoral leadership to gather and disciple the believers.

Friday - Pray that the Lord would raise up believing spouses for the local believers who are single. Pray that the children of new believers would come to faith in Jesus.

Saturday - Pray that the lives of local believers (mostly secret believers) would be a witness to their neighbors. Pray for them to have wisdom about when to share their faith.

Sunday - Pray that local believers would grow toward maturity in Christ and overcome the sinful nature that threatens to drag them back into their old lives and sinful habits.