Capital: Muscat               Population: 2,620,000             Religion: Islam
Muslim Background Believers: A few scattered believers

Omanis have historically made their living as fishermen, traders, date farmers, and traditional Bedouin nomad camel herders. In ancient times there was a flourishing trade in frankincense from trees which grow in the south. Oman embraced Islam in the eighth century.

In 1970 Sultan Qaboos bin Said seized power from his father and started a revolution of modern development, reform and stability. The standard of living has improved dramatically, as have the expectations and aspirations of the people. However, the oil is expected to run out in the next few decades. This brings disillusionment and frustration with the government and fuels the growth of fundamentalist Islam.

Orthodox Islam has been growing in strength over the last 30 years. Magic and occult activities are commonly practiced, especially in the towns of the interior. Religious education is compulsory at all grade levels, and students are systematically indoctrinated against Christianity. Foreign Christians and Hindus are allowed freedom of worship, but conversion of Muslims, especially nationals, is strictly prohibited.


Monday - The fear of evil spirits is a reality to most rural Omanis. They often carry out practices to appease the spirits. Pray that God would release them from fear and reveal Himself to them in dreams or visions.

Tuesday - Pray that Christian workers would be on fire for God. May their ministries draw many Muslims to Christ and make them long for change.

Wednesday - Many Omanis study abroad. Pray that Christians in these countries will reach out to them with hospitality and love.

Thursday - Pray for divine appointments, that Omani seekers will meet Christians believers and have access to the Bible.

Friday - Islamic religious education systematically poisons young people's minds against the Gospel message. Pray that they would hear the truth about Jesus.

Saturday - Important decisions are made in families, clans and tribes. Pray that whole families would believe the Gospel.

Sunday - Many areas of Oman are almost completely untouched with the Gospel message. Pray that God would call workers for these unreached areas.