Capital: Doha              Population: 700,000             Religion: Islam
Muslim Background Believers: A few scattered believers

Qatar is an absolute monarchy ruled by the Emir, Sheikh Hamad Al Thani, who deposed his father in 1996 in a bloodless coup. Under the progressive leadership of the Emir, Qatar is developing quickly.

Qatar's population has more expatriate than local citizens. Of its roughly 700,000 people, only about 220,000 are Qatari nationals.

The strict Wahhabi sect of Sunni Islam is dominant in Qatar, but there is also a small number of Shi'ite Qataris. Because of the influence of Wahhabism, Qatar has one of the most conservative societies in the world. While expatriates enjoy quite normal lifestyles, the Qatari society is far more restrictive, especially for the local women.

Christianity has been tolerated in Qatar (among the expatriates) for some time, as long as Christians keep their faith to themselves. No "formal" churches have been allowed to be built, but "unofficially" they have existed for a long time. The government has granted permission and land for the first church complex to be shared by several churches. This represents a far more lenient and tolerant attitude by the Qatari government.

Due to past restrictions, Qataris have had very little exposure to Christian truth. Most Qataris have never met a real Christian with whom they could communicate at a meaningful level. Many Qataris have no idea that Christians even worship in their land.


Monday - Pray that God would give birth to a local Church and national leadership within Qatar

Tuesday - Pray that the Bible, other literature and videos would be distributed boldly and that Christian media (satellite TV, radio, Internet, etc.) would have greater impact.

Wednesday - Pray that God would mobilize the thousands of expatriate Christians here to pray for Qataris and to reach out to their Muslim friends.

Thursday - Pray for greater unity amongst the 50 plus churches and Christian fellowships that meet in Qatar.

Friday - There is only a handful of "known" local believers, most of whom are not spiritually mature. Pray that they would be strengthened, discipled and used of God.

Saturday - Pray that God would break the spiritual pride that Qataris have concerning Islam and prepare their hearts for the message of the Gospel.

Sunday - Pray for God to grant Christians greater favor with the Qatari government, which has decided to give land to build churches for the first time. It seems that the Lord is creating a "new atmosphere" in this strict Wahhabi Muslim country.