Not knowing one's destiny (or future) is intertwined throughout the whole of Islam. A tiny child is told that Allah is all knowing and powerful. Allah will, one day, measure everyone's good and bad deeds to determine if Heaven or the fires of Hell will be their fate. Good Muslims spend their lives trying to pray, fast (Ramadan), give alms and go to Mecca, so that Allah will see their good deeds and reward them with heaven.

In folk Islam there is also fear of the spirit world. Will the spirits, Jinn, cast an evil spell on my family? A good luck charm, such as a piece of the Koran tied around a child's neck, may ward it off. Place a Koran, covered in cloth, on the wall by a newborn baby to
protect it from evil. Keep the bathroom door closed, for Jinn reside in there.

Fear is also a huge barrier to those leaving Islam. They break the laws of their religion and government by coming to Christ. They may face expulsion from their family, loses of jobs and/or death.

Ramadan* is the Islamic month of fasting and lasts for 28 - 30 days. Imagine that, as a Muslim, you are thirsty. Your mouth is parched. You dare not drink because it is Ramadan, the time when Muslims do not eat, drink or smoke from sunrise to sunset. You
are to think of the poor and their needs. You are to pray more and keep from sinning. You are to read or quote the Koran frequently. Ramadan is called the "Blessed Month."

People are fervently trying to be pure and sinless. They suffer hunger and especially thirst. They are trying to look good in the eyes of Allah. Muslims follow this pillar of Islam so that their good deeds will out weigh their bad deeds.

*Ramadan start dates: October 27, 2003 / October 16, 2004 / October 5, 2005


Monday - Pray that the fear of evil will cause people to seek the truth. Pray that the believers will see that God can conquer their fear when they stand up for Him.

Tuesday - Pray against the powers of darkness that seek to control the lives of Muslims through fear and suspicion. May Jesus replace their fears with His love and strength.

Wednesday - The usual local greeting is "peace be upon you." Pray that the Muslims will hear of the peace that passes all understanding during Ramadan.

Thursday - Many Muslims receive visions and dreams during the month of Ramadan. Pray that God would reveal himself to seekers during this month.

Friday - Pray for the many Christians who meet on Friday for worship in Arab countries. Pray that they would be able to give their fears to the Lord Jesus.

Saturday - Pray that Christians living and working in the Arabian Peninsula will not succumb to fear of the authorities when it comes to witnessing to the local people.

Sunday - Pray that God will help locals overcome their fear of the wrath of others, and fear of loss of family, community, possessions and inheritance when considering accepting Christ as Savior.