Welcome to Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula. National believers and Christian workers invite you to pray with us to see evangelism increase and the church planted among the local people in the Arabian Peninsula (AP). This tool created by those working in the AP is divided into 12 months with prayer points for each day. Start on the month and day you receive this and you will join others in the world praying on that day. Then keep praying through the year. You will be joining God's people all over the world in asking the Father to bring His Kingdom to the Arabian Peninsula.

What will God do as His people from all over the world begin praying specifically for the Arabian Peninsula? In the early church, Peter was miraculously released when the believers were praying (see Acts 12). The great revivals that swept across Europe and America were preceded by prayer meetings. The Wall of Communism collapsed because people were praying. In the AP increased spiritual awareness was noticed as a result of the prayer movement of the 90 known as Praying through the Window. Today, we see the chains of Islam that bind over a billion people. The political and religious systems that deny a Muslim the chance to hear about the King of kings can be changed through prayer.

The web site,, has information about this prayer movement, helpful hints on intercession, ways to get timely
prayer updates and other great information. An informative prayer video can be ordered from the web site to use with your church, fellowship or small group.