We are living on the crest of a wave that could be called A NEW ADVENTURE IN CHRISTIAN MISSIONS!

It Is the 21st Century! We are Christians in the 21st Century! People all over the world are moving all over the world. Many of these people are displaced by war, famine, political and religious oppression, and a variety of personal reasons showing their pursuit of a “better life.”

People who are moving and scattered around the world away from their homelands constitute diasporas.  Diaspora is a word used for people groups that are displaced from the lands of origin or even cities of origin. They are refugees, immigrants, migrant workers, international students, diplomats, documented, and/or undocumented. However, many if not most of the people who scatter around the world will not  necessarily be displaced from their beliefs and cultural characteristics.  They take them with them wherever they go, just as you and I would do with our beliefs. In this Diaspora Studies link you will be provided with a variety of weblinks, both Christian and non-Christian. You will find useful materials for your research, your studies, and for your outreaches to the vast and varied Diasporas around your locale.

The Diaspora Studies link in the Global Missiology site originated with the vision of Enoch Wan, PhD. Our innovative, courageous, passionate brother in Christ has started this Journal to provide a unique resource to the Body of Christ for reaching the Diasporas around the world.  It is now being expanded to meet more needs as they arise.

    What about “IDS”?

I am Dr. Wan’s Graduate Assistant.  This website is our contribution to “IDS” Missiology.   The Institute of Diaspora Studies (“ IDS”) at Alliance Graduate School is a joint effort of researchers and practitioners seeking to understand and minister to the people of diaspora – people dispersed from their original homeland.


The “mission” of IDS is to investigate the effective communication of the Gospel among the people of diaspora and through their networks to regions beyond. 


The Asian “IDS” was launched in Manila, Philippines on April 1, 2007 with Dr. Enoch Wan as the keynote speaker.

A North American counter-part will was launched in May 2007 at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, USA.


The future may see a Canadian “IDS” launched as well.


What for?


The “mission” of IDS is to investigate the effective communication of the Gospel among the people of diaspora and through their networks to regions beyond.


Who should be interested in IDS?


Anyone interested in the fulfillment of the Great Commission which includes reaching out to receptive people who are on the move geographically, e.g. migrants & merchants, diplomat and foreign students, refugee, etc. who are being moved by the Holy Spirit, spiritually being away from the comfort zone or restricted contexts, e.g. immigrants from countries of Muslim. Communist, Jewish, etc. background.


We will be pleased to entertain your interaction, questions, and comments and respond promptly.



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