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In the Canary Islands among Students
Pray for outreach ministries (kids' clubs, Bible outreaches on the campus, etc.) that are starting up in the Canary Islands. Their school year begins in September (elementary – high school) and October (university). Poor organization and planning often cause these works to start up late into the year and vital weeks of ministry are lost.


Pray for open the hearts among hundreds of French people as the Alpha Course begins this fall on a national level.

In an effort to reach out to the community, I'm planning on starting an English class for those who have a basic ability to speak English. The key question is whether to pursue using a public room provided by the town hall, or our church building. Using our church would serve as an outreach to the community and allow me much more freedom in what I could say about the gospel, even using biblical texts for the lessons. But due to French suspicion of evangelical churches being cults, I might not have any students to teach if the church is used. If the town provides a room, it would be a neutral setting which French non-Christians would be more prone to attend, but I'd be restricted in talking about the Bible and my faith. Also, our university outreach, that Pam is a part of, is already on the two campuses (about 12,000 students total) handing out invitations to the FEU (Foyer Evangelique Universitaire) student ministry and spe aking individually with students about their religious beliefs. –Bill and Pam Sudek

St. Etienne
Church Growing II We have continued to do our discipleship Bible studies with Philippe, his wife, Rebecca, Christie, Aurore and her husband, JL, and Lionel. I look forward to starting a study with two men from our church, Graham and Norbert, as well as with our co-worker, Ray, tomorrow morning. The goal for Ray and me is to train these two men to become leaders of the church. We will also be starting a new study with a recent convert, whose name is Nancy , tomorrow afternoon. She is a real spiritual "sponge" and such a breath of fresh air! She is eager to learn more about the Lord, but she faces opposition from her family. We also need your prayers for all of these other discipleship studies as well as wisdom to help those who come for counseling. –Randy and Sandy Moyer


New Today
Petra’s boyfriend, who I just met a few times, came up to me after church and asked if he could talk with me. I had already been asked to talk with a few others and told him if he could wait a half an hour I would be glad to speak with him. I did not know much about him other than he is not a believer. When I finally finished with my other business, we went to be alone to talk. I was hoping he was not going to tell me that he and Petra were going to move in together. This is a problem here in Germany. But to my surprise Lother told me he wanted to be a Christian but didn’t know what he should do and asked if I could help him!

After I explained to him what God desires for us and how Jesus made it all possible. Lother prayed and asked God to forgive him for all the things he has done wrong in his past and to forgive him for all these sins. He asked God to take his life and help him to live as a Christian. (Praise the Lord!)

What an honour it is to be able to help someone enter God’s family. Please pray for Lother. That God would help him grow and that he would be open to be discipled by me. Our enemy is not happy with this and will fight to prevent him from growing. Pray for protection for him and for his relationship with Petra. –Brad and Lori Crawford, 9/3


Prayer Request
(from Craig and Karena, during their time of language./culture preparation before joining ministry in the Canary Islands.) Pray for the church we attend here in Coria. Their pastor, José Maria, has been invaluable resource and has a real vision for reaching the people of Coria del Rio, our small town on the outskirts of Sevilla. Pray that we would be used to encourage this church in their faith during this time. Pray that the church would be one that makes an impact, as the pastor has been preaching.