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Faith in Difficult Places
Limited access in Latin America ? We have to be discrete in describing these training works in specific terms. Our man writes: Each trip of my 36 in the past ten years has been about reaching people, whether cattle herders or urban university students. In August, he worked with 600 young people. Praise the Lord for outreach opportunities and the perseverance of believers in difficult places.


Barra do Corda – a Bible Institute for Indigenous People
There is a lack of outreach to the Indians, even from local churches, but the Brazilian mission is now developing a training centre to equip Christian Indian church leaders to evangelize their own people. In missiology it is being called The Third Wave – foreign missionaries came to reach Brazilians, educated them, developed Bible Institutes, etc (wave one). The Brazilians (wave two) who have been reaching to the native population are now developing this institute to train the third group, the native Indians, to reach their own people. It is [politically] difficult for foreign missionaries to live and work in reserves, and now even Brazilian missionaries are being threatened. So, those who live on the reserve will be the key to future evangelism in the Indian territories. –The Lundys

Despite ongoing drinking and fighting among those walking in darkness, others continue to be drawn to the Light. Several groups of young people are participating in Bible studies led by our team members and older Yanomami believers. Some of the adolescents have recently expressed a desire to be baptized. Pray also that more of God’s Word will be available in the Palimitheli language.

Castanhal, Brazil - Church Growing I
We are in a phasing out stage of our Castanhal church plant. We need wisdom as to the next step (or steps). Pray that the church here will continue on well under the leadership of Pastor Wagner and his wife, Geane and the church board. 75 kids came to VBS this past July. Many kids have never come back and some parents made it clear that their children were Not allowed to visit an evangelical church any more. Pray that these walls of distrust and spiritual resistance will be brought down. –Paul and Ivani Jantz

MICEB Prayer Guide
(Missão Cristã Evangélica do Brasil,

CrossWorld’s Judy Epley awaits a grade 1 and 2 teacher so that she can work with those who need the special help that she is qualified to give. Pray for grace and physical strength for her. Pray also for God to prepare someone else with NILD training and an interest in missions to come to minister at AVA. CrossWorld’s Bill & Lois Zeeb are very involved in teaching, as well as ministering at the Sunday afternoon English services. Pray for grace to work together with other staff members even under stress.