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I. Mission to the Roma People

The Roma People, popularly known as Gypsies, has been a mystery to much of the outside world. They have been dispersed all over the world for almost a thousand years. It is estimated there are 10,000,000 to 12,000,000 Roma
people in Europe alone.
They are a unique people, by and large preserving their own culture. As a minority people.....See Full Text


II. Mission to the Roma people in Europe

Most people have a stereotype image of the wandering Roma people (Gypsies). However, most of them today have settled down in different places. It is estimated that there are about 1,000,000-1,200,000 Roma in Europe alone.
Roma people were originally from a people of low caste in northern India. They left their homeland about 1,000 years ago moving westward, through Central Asia and the Near East to Europe and North Africa. Because of their ethnic
difference from the Europeans, people thought they might be from Egypt, hence the name"Gypsy."
Today, we can find Roma people not only in.... See Full Text

III. How did this Gypsy Girl End up

Never had I realize Gypsy girls are so beautiful until I saw a little girl in a Serbia Gypsy slum. She was with a group of neighborhood kids. In her innocent eyes, I saw her future…
But this little girl will probably drop out of school before finishing grade school, marry another young man of similar social-economic status, bear a bunch of kids, and never be able to escape the slums.
Is there a way out for her? Can anyone help?.....See Full Text

IV. A Chinese Look on the ROMA

Whenever I share with brothers and sisters the burden that God has
given me on Roma people (More commonly known as "Gypsies"), they ask,
"Who are they actually? Which country do they belong to? Do they have their
own language?"
Indeed, we do not know much about Roma. We do not even realize that in addition to Europe, there are a lot of Roma living in North& South America, Africa, and Australia.......See Full Text

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