About Us

Brief History





Registered with the State of California as a non-profit organization Great Commission Theological Seminary to provide theological training to Chinese Christians.



GCC Seminary



Received tax-exempt status [501 (c)(3)] from the Internal Revenue Service.
Started Global Mission Department and engaged in pioneer missions.






Name changed to Great Commission Center, focusing on global missions.






Headquarters moved to Copper Canyon, Texas; started short-term training ministries for students from Chinese Mainland.

Texas Building






Became a membership of Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability.






Headquarters moved to Northern California



Sunnyvale Headquarter

Our Mission


The Great Commission Center International is in partnership with evangelical churches and para-church groups for the accomplishment of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ:

1. To reach the unreached peoples.

2. To gather and distribute mission information so as to arouse global- mission awareness among churches.

3. To promote mission education and cultivate missionaries.

4. To mobilize Christians to participate actively in global mission.

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