Global Mission

To engage in long- and short-term missionary works and to establish mission fields and churches among unreached people, then hand over the tasks to other churches or missionary organizations befere continuing such work elsewhere.  Future emphases will be on:

From Tian Shan to Zion Mountain


1. Jewish World.  Jews are God's chosen people, “the apple of His eyes”. Yet few Jews have become Christians. There is a great need for gentile Christians to preach the gospel back to the Jews.


2. Islam World. Muslim consist of ¼ of world's population and are the hard soil for the gospel. GCCI has begun to promote missionary work in central Asia and Mideast areas.
Unfinished Task

3. Post-Christian Nations. Western nations (West Europe, North Europe, Canada, America, etc.) has one after another  become “post-Christian” or even “anti-Christian” nations! As early as 1980s, some knowledgeable people had already cried out that Europe needed the gospel, and called the evangelical churches of the world to preach the true gospel back to the European people. Since 2006, GCCI has been engaged in the “American Return to God” movement.  (See ARTG page)


4. China.  Support and participate in theological and mission training programs in China.

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