America-Return-To-God Movement

America was founded as a Christian nation, and by God's grace has become the strongest and a most free nation in the world within a short period of only two-hundred years. It was also for many years the leading nation in missionary work, having sent out most missionaries to most places of the world.

But in recent years, America, like many other Western nations, has been drifting away from God, becoming not only a non-Christian but also in many aspects an anti-Christian nation! Literally God is being driven out of its government, society, classrooms and public lives!

In the past, God used prophet Jonah to call people of the great city of Nineveh to repent. Today's church, as watchmen, has the responsibility to stand up and to sound the warning. May God use His church to call Americans to repent and by God's grace to return to the God of their forefathers!

1. Initiated Protect Traditional Marriage rally in 2004.

2004 traditional Marriage Rally

2. Published America, Returned to God in 2006. 

First Edition ARTG Book

3. Initiated America, Return to God prayer meetings in northern California (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 picture).

2006 Rally2007 Rally2008 Rally

2009 rally

4. Mobilized Chinese churches in California to promote protection of Marriage between One man and One woman.


5. Published 2nd edition of America, Return to God.

America Return to God Book Cover

6. Published “America is Lost” (in Chinese) in September 2009.

Chinese ARTG Book Cover